News of Website Renovation

Though the pandemic of COVID-19 spreading has affected all kinds of activities related with tourism and industries badly in the world, people are still doing their best, it is highly appreciated for those people who have been trying hard in aiming to develop vaccine against the virus all over the world. Let’s pray for it and do what we could do to protect ourselves to against the spread.
We Raysound, as the biggest wall & ceiling materials provider in TAIWAN equipped a factory to produce ceiling grid and partition frame in house, also have been kept trying to make progress. In the past few months, glad to report that we’ve took chance to renovate our website for a better reviewing experience to the public, in particular to our valuable customers either in domestic and overseas.
In this renovated site, there are the languages available in below:
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
These two are for domestic market (particular for our home base in Taiwan) for our completed service channel with  wide range of products in variety of brands not only from Taiwan but also from the world to fulfill the diversity demand from the domestic clients.
  • English
This is in particular for overseas market to promote and recommend those products with competitive advantages in the international market which produced by us or by our sister companies either located in Taiwan or China.
Hope you will enjoy it and have a nice viewing.