Factory Introduction

In 2005, Raysound purchased the partition frame factory of Sheng Wang Company in Taichung City. Next year, in order to expand the production lines, the factory was moved to Sinshin plant in Tainan County. In 2008, Raysound purchased 8,000 square meters of land to build its own factory in Liouying Science Park in Tainan County. In production department, we have production machines to manufacture partition frames of C stud, H stud, CH stud, U-runner, J-runner, corner iron, main runner, and channel. For the provision of the ceiling suspension system, we have up-to-date machinery to manufacture the main tee, cross tee, wall angle, and lamp frame. Raysound's R&D and QA department are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest, most secured, high-quality building materials.