Let's keep health and stay safe to resist the spreading of COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has been lasting for long and keeping people frightened and concerned. Up to now (end of Aug.) the case no has accumulated up to over 23.6 million people affected and dragged the global economy downside dramatically. Taiwan, with good fortune, are less effected with only few hundreds of case number, we are grateful for it and also keeping alert for the status in the globe and hoping to do something benefit to others.
This pandemic made us awakened the importance of health and the danger of virus, especially for those people who stay in hospital. Though we haven’t developed vaccine against it yet, the effort have been paying consistently by people in different countries. Let’s pray for it and do what we could do to protect ourselves to against the spread.
As above mentioned, we would like to make special introduction for a type of ceiling tiles to match with our self-produced T-bar, that is Raysound Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles (see information under product segment for the details).
Raysound Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles has all features as other type of ceiling tiles with like:
  • Moisture- resistant
  • Weathering- resistant
  • Pressure- resistant
  • Soundproof
  • Insulating
  • Easy to cut and install
The most outstanding feature of it is “Anti-bacterial” and make it also can be applied for hospital project.
Health is the crucial factor, let’s stay safe and keep positive attitude to pass thru this hard time together.
Remark: To use Raysound Calcium silicate ceiling tiles, we highly recommend in matching with our self-produced CE certified T-bar in thickness 0.35mm.