Raysound Enterprise Corp. was established. The main business was chemical raw materials trade.
Raysound entered the building materials industry by investing in Raysound Industry Co. Ltd., which engaged in building materials sales.
Invested overseas in the establishment of Raysound Ent. (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. in order to gain a foothold in Chinese sales networks and markets.
Established a Chinese business office in Guangzhou.
Entered the construction industry by buying a stake in the World Engineering Corp.
Affiliated Enterprise, "World Engineering Co. Ltd.," passed the ISO9001International Quality Certification.
Raysound Ind. Co. Ltd. merged with Raysound Enterprise Corp. and established a building materials division, Integrating existing marketing systems and organization.
Raysound Ent. (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. invested in the Raysound Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., which was established in Samoa.
Invested in the Raysound Properties Co. which further developed the group's enterprises.
Expansion of business scale in China to establish a foothold in Fuzhou.
Building Materials Division was amplified by Ilan, Tainan, Taishan, ...etc. A total of 6 sales offices in Taiwan.
Enlargeed Guangzhou Raysound factory, and cooperatively manufactured with Toyota chemical Industry and Shoko Co. Ltd.
Invested in the Ruei Yi Int. Development Co. Ltd.
Building materials division had been extended business offices at Yilan, Chiayi, Tainan, Hualien, and Hsinchu, giving the division nine business offices around Taiwan.
Invested in the Symbol Manufacturing & Marketing Co. Ltd. as a springboard into the Chinese glue market.
Raysound Enterprise Corp. bought Sheng Wang's plant of partition frames in Taichung and started manufacturing. Raysound becomes Taiwan's first firm engaging in both building materials sales and product manufacturing.
Established two Depts- "Development Dept."and "Purchasing & Marketing Dept." Planning to integrate the market by the logistics of building materials-Building Materials Division, project planning-Development Division, and contract construction-Engineering Division for operating the fireproof building materials in domestic market
Raysound moved production line of partition frames to the Shanshang plant in Tainan County and started to produce the laminated sheets and embossed gypsum boards at Sinshih plant in Tainan County.
Toyota Chemical Industry, the Shoko Co. Ltd. formally became joint venture partners in the Guangzhou Raysound Chemical plant.
ISO9001 certification was received in January
In May, Raysound purchased 8,000 square meters of land in the Liouying Science Park for the new plant. In August, T-Bar began pilot run and mass production.
In August, Raysound T-Bar began pilot run and mass production on T-Bar production line.
In January, Raysound moved the plant to the new building in the Liouying Science Park, and applied to two domestic new utility model patents: light steel frame connector-rod structure and light steel frame connector-strut structure in June.
Raysound has had its own brands "Raysound Calcium Silicate Board", "Raysound Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile", and "Raysound Gypsum Ceiling Tile".
For 88 Flood reconstruction in Taiwan, Raysound provided partition frames to build temporary houses and permanent houses for World Version Taiwan as well as Great Love Village for charitable organization -Tzu Chi.
In January, “Raysound Calcium Silicate Board” acquired “Healthy Green Building Material” certification.
In September, “Raysound Building Materials Corp.” was established.
In January, Raysound’s building materials division was independent from “Raysound Enterprise Corp.” and joined to “Raysound Building Materials Corp.”
In March, Raysound’s headquarter was moved to Oriental Science Park at Xizhi Dist. in New Taipei City.
In September, Raysound’s T-Bar has acquired CE certification.
In December, Raysound was on CITTV show about making its own brand of green building materials which are made in Taiwan with high quality sold around the world.
Ultra-wear-resistant wood flooring, quick-drying compound, and aluminum tile ceiling are the new products in the market.
In June, our new patented product “Earthquake Resistance Type of T-Grid (T38/ T38)” is for sale in the market.
In October, Raysound personnel participated “2018 Taiwan Trade Mission to Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait & Oman” to reinforce and expansion our market strength in the Middle East.
In Dec. Raysound participated the Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai (Show Site: Dubai World Trade Center).